We are a friendly group from all walks of life learning about computers.

We love to pass on what we have learned to others, on a one to one basis.

The group started ten years ago and a lot of people have been helped but there is always room for more. So if you want to communicate with your family and friends world-wide or just learn the basics of your PC & word processing, you are very welcome.

Most of us have grey hair (and some not much of it either!)

but young or old, everyone is welcome

We can help you with

Even if you don’t have your own computer you’re welcome: we have laptop computers you can use

Or just come for a chat & a cup of tea (or coffee) to find out more

There is no charge but you can
make a voluntary contribution
if you wish

To learn more please contact:


Tel: 01609 776663

 OW 2

Every other week one of our members gives a presentation using our projector  About 15 minutes or so  Learn something new Meeting in the United Reformed Church High Street Northallerton  Every Thursday 2:00pm to 4:00pm Click on the links to the right to see the notes from  previous sessions Photo Project (Malcolm) ‘A Garden in Spring’ Very large file (Malcolm) Photo Cleanup (John M) Google Extensions (John P)

Shortcuts (Phil)

Passwords (Phil)
Photo Management (Phil)

Communications-1 (Phil)

Help Q&A setup (John M)

Communications-2 (Phil)
Communications-3 (Phil)

CodeClub & Scratch (Mike)

Search Tools (Phil)
Rotary in Nepal (John P)


Tel: 01609 258556

To email the Computer Group: ctnorthallerton@gmail.com OR

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