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Christian Aid

Working together and separately the churches of this area support the work of Christian Aid in a number of ways - from the annual Christian Aid house-to-house collection to jazz concerts and other events. We also spread the news about the national and international concerns this organisation has.

Below you will find information about things we have done; things we are about to do; and the things which currently concern us.

Over the last year, together with Christian Aid groups in Ripon and Thirsk, we embarked on a partnership to provide health work among women and girls in Ethiopia. £5,000 has been raised and to each £1 we raised the European Union added £5.

Having raised this amount long before the deadline of February 2017 we decided to try to raise a further £5,000 and this is well under way

The current issue giving us great concern is climate change. Christian Aid has been campaigning about this since 2007 but now we want to increase general awareness of the threat this brings to the entire world prior to the Paris Conference of Parties.
‘Big Shift’ particularly focuses on asking the British Government to commit to the ending of the use of coal. Climate change is hitting the poorest hardest. The burning of coal is the major source of CO2 emissions.

Bible study materials, sermon notes, prayers, service ideas and petition forms are all available for churches to use. Contact the local Christian Aid secretary, Geoff Davison (01609 780235) if you or your church would like to know more

Getting the UK out of coal